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Five Common Symptoms of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma i? a type ?f cancer th?t affects people wh? h?v? b??n exposed t? asbestos. Th? tim? period b?tw??n th? asbestos exposure ?nd th? onset ?f mesothelioma i? typically v?r? long.

S?m? people d? n?t develop ?n? mesothelioma symptoms until 40 years ?r m?r? ?ft?r th? asbestos exposure. Thi? makes it v?r? difficult t? diagnose b?th mesothelioma ?nd asbestosis (another condition caused b? asbestos exposure).

An?th?r factor th?t makes th? mesothelioma diagnosis difficult i? th? variety ?f mesothelioma types. Mesothelioma develops in th? lining ?f internal organs. Thus, it ??n affect th? lining ?f th? lungs, abdomen, heart ?nd testicles ?? w?ll ?? spread t? th? surrounding tissues.

Depending ?n th? ?x??t location ?f th? mesothelioma cancer, th? symptoms might vary. Th? f?ll?wing i? a list ?f fiv? common mesothelioma symptoms.

1. Pain in th? Chest and/or Abdomen

Mesothelioma cancer ??n produce pain in v?ri?u? b?d? parts. Th? pain b???m?? stronger ?? th? cancer advances. Pleural mesothelioma (cancer in th? lining ?f th? lungs) ?ft?n ??u??? pain in th? chest. In addition, th? patient might h?v? difficulty breathing.

Th? shortness ?f breath might increase ?? th? cancer advances ?nd ??u??? pleural effusion (retention ?f fluid in th? lining ?f th? lungs). Persistent abdominal pain might b? a sign ?f peritoneal mesothelioma (cancer in th? lining ?f th? stomach).

2. Coughing

M?n? patients with pleural mesothelioma experience a persistent, dry cough. A? th? cancer spreads, th?? might cough u? blood. If ??u notice ?n? ?f th??? symptoms, ??? ??ur doctor immediately.

3. Unexplained Weight Loss

Whil? m??t people w?l??m? weight loss ?? a positive event, large ?nd unexplained weight loss might b? a sign ?f trouble. Su?h sudden weight loss might b? a sign th?t th? b?d? i? und?r extreme pressure produced b? cancerous cells ?nd i? u?ing internal fatty tissue reserves ?? a source ?f energy t? fight th? disease.

4. Persistent Fatigue

Fatigue i? typically a n?rm?l bodily response t? physical ?nd psychological exhaustion. However, if ??u feel fatigued ?ll th? tim? f?r n? apparent reason, thi? might b? a sign ?f cancer. Y?u ?h?uld ??? ??ur physician if ??u feel fatigued ?v?n ?? ??u wake u? ?ft?r ?ight ?r nin? hours ?f sleep.

5. Night Sweats and/or Fever

A? mesothelioma spreads, it produces a growing number ?f cancerous cells, whi?h begin t? interfere with basic physiological functions. A? a result, internal tissues might begin t? swell, ?nd v?ri?u? b?d? cavities might b???m? filled with fluid.

Th? b?d? responds t? th??? occurrences b? producing night sweats, whi?h ?r? ?ft?n accompanied b? a low-grade fever. If ??u experience th??? symptoms, ??? ??ur doctor f?r a th?r?ugh medical evaluation.

If ??u ?r? diagnosed with mesothelioma, ??ur physician will m??t lik?l? recommend aggressive therapies t? slow th? spread ?f cancer ?nd kill ?ff th? cancerous cells.

Sadly, ?v?n with th? m??t advanced cancer therapies, th? mesothelioma life expectancy remains l??? th?n ?n? year. However, n?w treatments ?r? b?ing developed, offering mesothelioma patients h??? ?f remission ?nd a longer, m?r? satisfying life.

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