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Mesotelioma Mas

Mesothelioma Cancer – Treatment And Care

Mesothelioma cancer starts in th? tissues, called mesothelium, whi?h surrounds th? lungs, stomach, heart ?nd ?th?r organs. Th? mesothelium protects th??? bodies with tw? levels ?f tissue ?nd fluid whi?h ?ll?w? th? organs t? move. Located in th? vicinity ?f th??? bodies, but ?r? commonly found in th? area ?f th? thorax ?nd abdomen.

Contact with asbestos i? th? m?in risk factor. Asbestos found in th? insulation ?f buildings. Asbestos ?r? reflected in th? tile roofs, dust ?nd rocks.

M??t ?f th? u?? ?f asbestos in construction products h?? b??n discontinued ?ft?r 1989. But cancer ??nn?t b? diagnosed until 20 t? 50 years ?ft?r exposure b???u?? it takes tim? t? develop.

Thi? i? wh? m??t ?f th? cases ?f occur ?m?ng people in th?ir l?t? 50s ?nd more. A???rding t? th? American Cancer Society, thr?? quarters ?f patients diagnosed ?r? ?v?r 65 years.

Oth?r factors h?v? b??n linked t? thi? ?r? ?? follows:

Radiation. A material called thorium dioxide u??d Ray proved t? ??u?? cancer. But thi? material h?? n?t b??n u??d f?r m?n? years.

Tobacco. Smoking n?t w?? ?????i?t?d directly with thi? f?rm ?f cancer, but smoking ?nd asbestos increases th? risk ?f cancer ?f th? lung, ????rding t? th? American Cancer Society.

SV40 virus. Thi? virus w?? found in polio vaccines in th? mid-1950s ?nd ??rl? 1960s. B???u?? th? symptoms d? n?t 20-50 years develop, it might b? ??m? tim? b?f?r? w? kn?w if th? virus i? a risk factor.

Symptoms vary fr?m person t? person based ?n wh?r? i? located th? affected tissue. General symptoms include:

  • Shortness ?f breath
  • Pain in th? chest
  • Abdominal pain
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Fever
  • Anemia

Treatments vary ????rding t? th? patient. M?n? patients h?v? surgery t? remove th? lining ?nd th? fabric i? affected. In severe cases, th? tissue surrounding th? breast, a lung ?r th? ??rt ?f th? diaphragm m?? b? deleted.

Doctors m?? recommend th?t patients h?v? radiotherapy wh?r? x-rays ?f high-energy tumor shrinkage ?nd kill th? affected cells.

Th? prognosis f?r patients i? sad b???u?? th? disease i? ?ft?n advanced ?t th? tim? wh?r?v?r it i? diagnosed. A???rding t? th? American Cancer Society, th? five-year survival rate i? ?b?ut 10 ??r cent. M??t patients survive f?r ?n? year ?ft?r diagnosis. N?w treatments ?nd clinical studies ?r? underway t? improve survival in patients with cancer mesothelioma.

Thi? i? deadly cancer th?t begins in th? mesothelium, whi?h i? a membrane th?t lines m?n? b?d? cavities. Th? areas th?t determine th? thr?? m?in types ?f mesothelioma are:

  • Th? outer lining ?f th? lungs
  • Th? lining ?f th? abdominal cavity
  • Th? membrane ?r?und th? heart
  • Mesothelioma Prognosis And Care

Mesothelioma i? ?ft?n misdiagnosed b???u?? th? symptoms resemble symptoms ?f common ailments. Diagnostic surgeries ??n h?l? t? determine th? type ?f malignant cells th?t ?r? present in th? body.

Th? Thr?? Cancerous Types Of Mesothelioma Due T? Asbestos Exposure

Peritoneal Mesothelioma: Peritoneal mesothelioma begins in th? membrane th?t lines th? abdominal cavity.

Pleural Mesothelioma: Pleural mesothelioma i? a m?r? common type ?f mesothelioma th?t develops in th? outer lining ?f th? lungs.

Pericardial Mesothelioma: Pericardial mesothelioma i? rare type ?f mesothelioma whi?h i? found in approximately 3-5 percent ?f th? total mesothelioma cases.

If ??u ?r a loved ?n? h?? b??n diagnosed with mesothelioma ?r suspect th?t ??u h?v? b??n exposed t? asbestos, seek medical care immediately ?nd g?t legal help. Mesothelioma lawyers ??n h?l? ??u g?t monetary compensation f?r ??ur pain, suffering, loss wages ?nd medical expenses ?????i?t?d with thi? deadly disease.

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